Ski innovation to its finest

We are Blue Ski Research

Started with a notebook full of good intentions,
we’ve evolved to create innovative ski equipment for both professionals and enthusiasts alike

Our History

Blue Ski Research (BSR) was born in 2021, fueled by the shared passion for skiing held by its three founders. In that very same year, we earned a coveted spot in the Startup Valley Accelerator in Trentino, Italy. In 2023 we filed for a patent for our groundbreaking ski binding design. This brief yet exciting journey is just the beginning of our commitment to revolutionizing ski safety.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to bridge the technology gap in skiing by creating advanced bindings that autonomously respond to falls, significantly reducing the risk of leg injuries. From professional athletes to casual skiers, we aim to enhance safety and transform the way the skiing community enjoys the slopes.

Avoid ski injuries from unreliable bindings release